School Principal Message

Dinesh Kumar Principal Photo

A system can run, grow and achieve its target only when it’s all components work in cohesion. Any aberration from the preset direction, method or path is called a malfunction of the component, which in turn knocks down the performance of the system on the whole. so, a system cannot achieve its targeted performance unless each and every component function properly.
A school in its wider context is a system which produces students with some desired qualities .these qualities include physical qualities such that strong physique, good physical health,health habits and free from infirmity,moral qualities such that honesty,truthfulness,good character social qualities so that one can develop good social relations with others,concern for others and social problems, tolerance, intellectual qualities to analyze and synthesize a situation,data handling, developing sharp logic .
No education system can go above the level of its needless to say that the teachers must also have the same qualities as are expected of their students. Faculty of disciplined teaching staff implies to a more disciplined students too.
Instilling discipline requires rigorous motivation because young people are more fascinated than motivated. Some of the measures have been enlisted below-
If we really want discipline among our students first we have to be more discipline.
Offer respect for disciplined persons.
Let the students know that more or less all the great personalities had led a disciplined life.
The students must be asked to maintain a notes on in disciplinary course of actions in their records/diary. Such act may be from school and also outside.
Right from entrance gate of the school and at all work places in the school such directions /illustrations must be displayed as to what ought to do and what not. some up to the mark postures must also displayed.
Student participation is a must in disciplinary committee of the Vidyalaya for managing conflicts and in discipline. Once students are involved in decision making 50% problem of in discipline is solved as at least it will satisfy the ego of such juveniles. They will also come to visualize that it belongs to their own institution and they must comply with its rules and regulations.
Formation of pressure groups of teachers and students, more generally class-wise to discourage such act of in discipline.

These are some feasible measures which could be adopted to get rid of this menace. Once this dreaded problem is rooted out there is no way that we cannot surpass the goal,target and standards set by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.